Take your pet on holiday 

Let us take you and your pets across the channel with no effort.

Our pet taxis can transport you from anywhere in Europe to anywhere in Britain

Your pet stays with you at all times in the comfort of one of our pet taxis.

With Euro Tunnel it is just a 35 minute journey from Calais to Folkestone or vice versa.

Paris to London in six hours, Bruges to London in four hours and Brussels to London in five hours.

Just call or email and one of our experienced logistic operators will help you through the process and give you an exact quote.

Just click these links to give you all the information you will need to bring your pet into Britain.


The MPV vehicle can carry up to six passengers and offer a large amount of space for luggage. This is the perfect solution for small groups or when carrying large items. Disability friendly.


The estate cars can carry up to four passengers and offer suitable space for more luggage. This is the perfect option for passengers with a large amount of luggage and bulky items.

What our happy customers are saying about us …….

Review of Vio and Kenny
Had the pleasure of riding with Kenny and Vio. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to stay a night in Calais. Kenny was my first driver and super helpful throughout. The second day Vio had picked me up and he was extremely professional throughout, helping when needed e.t.c. Had a great experience throughout.
Would recommend these two drivers to anyone else easily.

— Email – Ziyue

Pet taxis take care of you and your pet travel to or from UK

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